Our office can order and deliver most contact lens orders the next business day.

We order from the largest contact lens distributor in the United States.

Their headquarters are located in Broward County within a climate controlled environment, guaranteeing fresh delivery of your contact lenses at very competitive prices.

Dr. Brunos' office keeps patients contact lens prescription on file.

For patients who have a contact lens prescription from another doctor, please stop by or fax your prescription to our office to confirm prescription validity, pricing and availability.

Phone (954) 427-6363

Fax (954) 427-6364

We offer contact lenses from among the most popular manufacturers and lens design

Types of Contact Lenses:

* Bifocal Contact Lenses provides clear vision at various distances

* Colored Contact Lenses give you eyes a subtle or dramatic change

* Custom Contact Lenses may work for you if other options fail

* Disposable Contact Lenses enable a healthier lens-wearing experience

*Extended Wear Contact Lenses for safe overnight wear or naps

* Gas permeable (GP) Contact Lenses for the ultimate in crisp vision

*MonoVision Contact Lenses for reading in one eye only

*Orthokeratology Lenses enable contact lens-free vision during the daytime

* Prosthetic Contact Lenses mask eye injury or disfigurements

* Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses transmit more oxygen to your eyes

* Toric Contact Lenses provide good vision if you have astigmatism