With over 35 years experience, Cove Optical prides itself on a variety of eyewear that best suits our customer needs. We carry many styles  and features  that our customers have asked for such as rimless, stainless steel, titanium and colorful plastics that originate from Europe.

At Cove Optical, we strive to be the best at what we do:

* Consult with you, regarding your doctors' prescription for lenses.

* Analyze your prescription for our best recommendations of frame and lens material.

* Help you choose eyewear from a variety of frames.

*Perform necessary measurements of frame and lens choice for proper fit.

*Review all your questions and answers before placing your order. 

 Once we receive your order from the laboratory

* Inspect completed lens and frame delivery from laboratory and will call you that your eyewear is ready.

 * Final fitting at time of patient delivery.