At Cove Optical,rest assured that we are very knowledgeable, with years of hands on experience, with every type of prescription lens design, material and features available for your needs.

Cove Optical works with the most experienced lens manufacturers and their laboratories in the United States.

Essilor Laboratories:  

Customers may not know the Essilor name, but they will know Varilux. One of the most successful progressive lenses ever designed, Essilor continues to develop the latest in lens design. From Progressive lenses thru the most basic single vision lenses, you can count on the quality of Essilor Labs.

Zeiss Laboratories:  

Many customers may know the name Zeiss, from cameras to medical equipment in hospitals and doctors offices. Zeiss has been designing that latest state of the art lenses in Europe for over 50 years. Zeiss offers customers the latest in technological advances for prescription lenses gained from their knowledge of optics in the manufacturing process of telescopes, cameras and many other optical needs of industry.